Mascaró still makes shoes in the same place where the company was founded in 1918, now with the third generation of the family running the business.

Everything is made with loving care by craftsmen, many of whom are sons, daughters and granddaughters of  the original workers.

Only the finest Italian and Spanish leathers are used and great attention is paid to fit, style comfort and quality.

Mascaró was a caring company long before the term corporate responsibility was coined, respecting its workers health and wellbeing, impacting the environment as little as possible with careful use of materials and recycling wherever possible, and behaving in an ethical, sustainable way in all of its activities.

Mascaró is a vertically integrated business, designing, manufacturing and commercializing its own products and has over ninety stores in twenty two countries on five continents.



The company makes four brands as follows

Mascaró – fashion footwear specializing in pumps, occasion wear, stretch and riding boots.

Ursula Mascaró – high fashion footwear with sexy details and quirky twists. www.ursulamascaro.com

Pretty Ballerinas – the widest selection of quality ballerinas. www.prettyballerinas.com

If you are visiting the island of Menorca we would be delighted to show you the design and manufacturing facilities. Each shoe goes through between sixty and a hundred processes and most visitors finish the tour with a better understanding of how their shoes are made and with a desire to visit the factory shop next door.